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Event Registration Payments

This is where you will make registration payments for most of our competitions/events


The cost to play on any 1 competition team is $25 regardless of the sport. We know which team(s) you are participating on based on your submission on the Recess page.

Play two sports for a total of $40 or play all three sports for a total of $50. Teams will be put together the day of the event. We will be placing friend groups together, of course. 

If you are interested in spectating the event or just playing the games we have that are not competitive (tetherball, 4-Square, soccer, cornhole, and more), you can sign up as a spectator.


*The fee for all teams, juveniles and adults, is $150. 

Please note: your team and team name will appear on the brackets on our Hoopsgiving page within 24-hours of a successful payment. 

Your team information and team name are submitted separate from your payment with the registration form on the Hoopsgiving page.

Payments for The Tower and War Under the Lights Jiu Jitsu competitions are processed through SmoothComp. 

See War Under the Lights or The Tower Grand Prix for signup information

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